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Welcome to Dead Beat Dads Fantasy Football League on Cronos

DBD Fantasy Football is the 1st fictional based fantasy sports league on the Cronos block chain. Actually, the first on ANY block chain! Be a part of the first season in which members collect Dead Beat Dad themed football NFTs and compete for a chance to win the Title and a massive CRO payout.

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Massive Payouts!!!

DBD Championship Trophy

1st Place

20% of Mint Funds

2nd Place

10% of Mint Funds


5% of Mint Funds


2.5% of Mint Funds


1% of Mint Funds


0.7% of Mint Funds

Most Regular Season Points

0.4% of Mint Funds

Most Regular Season Wins

0.4% of Mint Funds

NFT Collection Details

Each Season a new DBD Fantasy Football Collection will be released!

That is right, each season there will be a new collection with new trait and stat combinations. Think of mint day as your fantasy football draft day!

You will have a chance to mint new players each and every season.

Season 1 will include 4000 Player cards and 1000 Defense cards, a total of 5000 NFTs. Managers will mint player or defense cards, each with randomly selected stats, positions, teams, player names, and more. Enjoy the creative art by Pandalaki, founder of Dead Beat Dads on Cronos.

The first collection is planned to be released on the Cronos blockchain early Q3 2024.

One NFT of each team from the DBD NFGL Collection Season 1
how to play image with coach holding clipbaord


Every season will last 18 weeks: 13 weeks for the Regular Season and 5 weeks for the Playoffs.

A complete, fantasy lineup includes 5 positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, and DEF. Every week, managers will designate one NFT at each of the 5 positions, submit their lineup, and be randomly matched up against another manager.

One lineup per wallet

Scores for each position will be based on a formula incorporating stats from the NFT and random luck. Team scores are the sum of position scores, and the highest score wins the matchup.

The top 32 teams, with the most wins, will make the Playoffs. Single elimination playoffs will last 5 weeks until a Champion is crowned.


Read all the details about Dead Beat Dads Fantasy Football in our Medium

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